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Latchway Approvals

Being the leading fall protection manufacturer in the world has its advantages. Latchways have partnerships in place with the following leaders in the roofing market;

  • Sarnafil single ply
  • Icopal single ply
  • Kalzip standing seam roofing
  • VM Zinc standing seam roofing

In addition to the above Latchway have ‘approvals’ in place for the following leading roofing manufacturers;

  • Kingspan
  • Rigidal
  • Speedeck
  • Alwitra
  • Flag
  • Trocal
  • Bauder
  • + many more system – information available on request

This is due to the many complexities that are involved in the technology within the Latchway constant force post and the stringent ongoing testing procedures that Latchway carry out.

The above video demonstrates how the integrity of the roof is protected in the event of a ‘fall’ or ‘distress’ of the system.

There is the possibility that roofing warranties and guarantees may be invalidated should an alternative fall protection system be installed to the above roofing systems, this is due to the system being included as part of the overall warranty which relates to the system as a whole, such as the weathering capabilities of the mansafe support posts.

Please see the following PDF documents for further clarification;